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    Automating the Laravel 8 schema dump using GitHub Actions

    The release of Laravel 8 introduced us to many great new features, and I think it is one of the best releases we have ever had! 🎉 😍

    However, to me, the schema dump command is far by the most useful for me in some personal projects and for the large projects I work on every day at work. I couldn't wait to delete the migrations from some project where we had hundreds of migration files. In this post I will take you through the challenges faced when I decided to add schema:dump into our release process and how we automated it using GitHub Actions.

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    Deploying the same code to multiple Laravel Vapor projects

    I have been using Laravel Vapor since it was launched at our company to deploy our white-label product to multiple different aws accounts and projects. The problem is that when you configure vapor it has a one-to-one relation between your code, and a vapor project. As a result we had to do some workarounds to support our setup.

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    Making the most of your Laravel dumps

    Laravel has a number of convenient methods to help speed up your development. When developing you sometimes need to see what an object or variable contains to make sure the code is doing what you expect. In this post, I will show you what mastering your dumps can do and showcase some fluent APIs that have this wonderful function available.

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    Starting a blog

    Inspired by the big names in the Laravel and wider development community I have always wanted to start a blog. Mostly, I will write mostly about things I learn and practices I follow while maintaining several large applications at my work and in personal projects. I also hope it will help others to learn and try new things when developing their own applications. The posts will mostly be about Laravel but I also do a lot of frontend work with React.js and always trying out the new kids on the block where possible.